May 31, 2020

Our schooling and the fake pandemic

I think that the first shock-wave that hit me as a parent was that there was nothing, from all my schooling, that I could pass down to my children. It was horrifying to discover then!

At the same time, what was also quite a shock to me, was the fact that I had so little (if any) information despite all my schooling, about raising kids. To my 21 year old self, that was a real shocker. And the beginning of a journey of my own research, still continuing to this day.

Apr 8, 2020

The complete failure of the schooled/social fake system

Long overdue! But always in perfect timing too! System failed!

It’s a crisis those of us who have chosen to take the risk of living authentically, inspired by our own Inner Voice, trusting our own inner guidance, knew would eventually come. None of us could predict when or how.

Jan 4, 2020

Indifference is a need

Updating the petition has been one of those very difficult things to do. Not because I don’t have anything to say. Not because there isn’t reason to. But because there IS so much to say! Because all that I am discovering is so contradicting to the common, educated mind, that it seems impossible to do.

“Is it this or is it that?” “Is it true or false?” “Is it this reality or that reality?”

Dec 23, 2019

On raising a free child (or on everything)

I never know how I’m going to wake up the next morning or what the next moment will look like.

Most people think they do, only because they press “play” each morning, unconsciously, and they automatically step into the role/mode of their automated, subconscious memory.

Dec 16, 2019

True Rebellion

I feel that the greatest rebellion of our day and age is to uneducate our self; to rid our self of all the false teachings that burden our heart and soul. For unless we do, we will be pulled down by them, no matter what else we attempt to do. Before this courageous act of self-delivery, we can't hope to raise free, whole human beings.

Nov 30, 2019

Let's change the dialogue

When most people tend to believe/follow/support something, there's always (still) something hiding, something fishy going on, that is being pushed under the table.

Where the many go, caution is needed!

This is just a small example of everything that's attempting to capture and bind our attention with hidden intentions...

Jun 15, 2019

Our comfort zones

Every day I see her photos. They are on my computer's screen saver as a slideshow and all around the house.

Every day I see her books, her toys, her writings, her drawings, her crafts. They're everywhere. It's a house that has always been kid-centered.

Every day I see her clothes. They're still hanging in her wardrobe and folded in her drawers. I know that most don't fit her anymore.

Jun 6, 2019

Another brick in the wall

So, you’ve given yourself the excuses. You’ve answered your questions. You’ve even answered them for others, in your head, without needing to ask them directly. You’ve arranged everything inside your head, to defend our case and have closed the door.

“You never have to open it again”, you tell yourself, “that’s known ground”. Besides, you can’t keep all doors open, you have to move on.

Feb 24, 2019

A different faith

There was no way I could school my child. It's like saying, enslaving her knowingly... although freeing her from the beginning, was painful.

The hardest system that I had to overcome in my life has been the schooled judicial system inside me called "justice", which the social construct still holds dear although it is life-threatening. 

It's been an uphill road to self-liberation but the opposite would be to remain strapped, unable to fly freely.

Feb 14, 2019

Daring to look

One more story…
One more actual, factual description… 

You spent more than an hour telling me how you built your house. I listened bewildered, unable to take in lightly everything that you were telling me out of your memory and your heart. My heart was telling me “it can’t be true” and yet I knew that it was. I just couldn’t believe (or didn’t want to believe) all that I was hearing; all the details, with names, dates, incidents that painted a bloody picture of reality, so common that it’s frightening to realize. My psyche was refusing to internalize it all, especially not as something “normal” that happens everyday in every area of this country, which it is happening!

Dec 16, 2018

The undeniable truth which concerns us all

This is a heavily sick society and failing civilization, already in deep decline, where it seems nearly impossible to prove you're not an elephant.  

In a more mature society of spiritual people and higher morality, what we did with my child would be an area of study and respect. We would be in an open dialogue with all areas of expertise, all bodies of social structure concerned, about our findings through learning and growing outside the only allowed, failing school system in the country. Our experiences, through research, experimentation and sharing with others world-wide, would be supported and also aided for the good of all. We would all be working together to change the existing, failed educational system, each providing their expertise, knowledge, experiences, findings, which would serve social (true) justice, would enhance and promote (true) civilization, based on higher values that would be child-supportive and learning-enhancing. 

A vision still holding...

Dec 8, 2018


When people who have known the case from the beginning have only just signed the petition or not yet.

When people who care about you have stopped asking you how you’re feeling and how you’re holding on.

When those that it likewise affects have shied away from commenting, discussing that which they too experience in their daily lives and know to be true.

When those who are your friends fear to share on their timelines or pretend they don't know you, to protect their profiles and identities.

Dec 2, 2018

To my son

I know that you're worried about that English exam that you're supposed to take. I know that you're meant to "re-examine" yourself, fix yourself, continuously doubt yourself. And so much more than the education system and society teach, subliminally but effectively, succeeding most of the time. 

But I have something different to tell you...these thoughts came to my mind and they belong to you as well as to any young person that stumbles across them.

Nov 20, 2018

Memories from the future

Two thousand years later, we are still trying to understand the story of Jesus... and many more stories told and passed down through the ages.

Everyone has a different story to tell, which suits each person's already established opinions, beliefs, egoic needs. Can we even know anything at the time of happening? Is there a way?

It's not easy to look into the eyes of innocence and truth when you've already condemned and convicted a mother and child. So, you don't call them to court, you don't have to know their story, you don't need real witnesses and real events. You can and do convict without them.

Aug 22, 2018

Under the surface

The pain is unimaginable, immeasurable.

Finding other things to do doesn’t make it go away. It doesn’t lighten it. There is no way I can be who I was before or what people might expect of me. Physical pain, in any form gives me the impression of being alive, the strength to go on, the reminder that I am here. It’s visible, more manageable, an indication of movement in the stagnancy that has been forced on me.

I am also discovering the misconception we have believed of pain, the body, the heart-mind, ego-mind, truth and so much more, much deeper than linear, surface level... through experience.

Jul 14, 2018

To do lists

We still like to separate subjects, issues, topics, thinking that this way we have "everything under control", know more, are more mature and/or more competent in our everyday lives.

But our need for separation comes from a deeper fear that we seldom - if ever - truly recognize: we fear the vastness of our being, the grand visible and invisible reality. We need boundaries, just like our bodies reveal our psychical boundaries.

Even in unschooling/homeschooling circles, this separation is evident as it also reveals itself in conversations, habits, requirements, responses, actions. We are still learning, still exiting the old paradigm.

The following post probably wouldn't remind one of  schooling or education but as I have discovered through unschooling myself and educating my daughter, it is one of the fundamental "subjects" that took up most of our time and learning endeavors.

To do lists

One day, I will choose not to separate my blogs, pages, groups, subjects because they will be understood as one. 

May 22, 2018

A Mother’s Testimony

From a little seed…It needs time, it needs care, it needs intuition, it needs trust,
it needs attention, it needs guidance, it needs freedom,
it needs natural conditions.
All that we have underestimated but are necessary for it to bloom and flourish.

Jan 19, 2018


The only way you can help others is to inspire them. That’s what we truly give. That’s what we truly are!

I remember a teacher, back in my school years, making me so love geometry, that I seriously thought of becoming a mathematician, where my school marks barely scraped the fail base line. But then, when was school the best judge of my true self?

After graduation, I began learning about myself, life and everything that interested me. Which was a lot!

Back to grade one! 
It took a while to realize that I had dived in the deep end without a life-jacket and with no floor to stand on. There was nothing else to do but swim. 

Dec 31, 2017

When those who are meant to protect, abuse


We live for a limited time in life; most people tend to forget that. We are also brought up with the belief that the world is the way it is and that we need to accept and live with it. I haven't yet figured out why people accept that belief and then go on to marvel innovators, worship the rebels and the leaders of change. I have never managed to fit in with that model. I didn't want my child to believe it either.

Dec 17, 2017

Domestication vs Education

What you ARE, truly, really, is something that derives from deep within you, from the center of your being. It doesn’t have anything to with your accomplishments, education, wealth, status etc etc. In fact, all this may and most often are deceptive.

The world is your stage, to help you see and bring out who you really are. When you have seen who you really are, you fully become/express/reveal your Self, no matter what. Regardless of cost or reward; there is nothing else that you can do!