Aug 24, 2015

A different kind of party

We decided to have a party at the last moment. Not the usual kind...

There were no invitations, no preparations, no formalities and no expectations. But then, there were also no disappointments, no running around or stress, no after-work and no tiredness.

We bought a nice cake, one that she chose, candles, potato chips, paper plates, etc,  and went to our neighborhood's playground in the afternoon. She knows most of the kids there, they are her friends; younger, older, boys, girls. We don't have the "school", "class", "gender" categorizations.

Aug 14, 2015


The only thing that changes for us in summer is that we have more outdoors activities due to the weather, than we do in Winter. We enjoy the sunshine, the longer days, nature and more that involve physical activity in "free style" mode.

Yet, we do much of what we normally do too. We read, we research subjects, we write, we watch documentaries, we visit places...we continue to learn. Oh, and we definitely discuss a lot on many subjects, which just seem to pop up so often, concerning everything.

I really sympathize with the schooled children who don't want to see a book in the three-month summer vacation period and loath learning because of schoolwork. For a non-schooled child, it's different...