There's a lot of confusion about what deschooling really is and therefore there are many opinions being expressed; for and against.

It's not the word. Perhaps we'll find a new one on the way. It's the meaning behind it. "Schooling" is all that we have been taught and also taught ourselves while growing up. It involves much more than specific subjects, institutions and curriculums. Through all this, we have created a way of thinking, a specific outlook of ourselves and the world; a whole set of beliefs that leave little room for growth.

This blog has been created out of my concern for the children (mainly), the child in us and our future as a result. Being a parent and having not schooled my youngest child, I am realizing the extent of this mainstream schooling, in all areas of our lives and what we have been unconsciously doing to our children. I have made the difficult decision to discontinue doing all this, in spite of the legal consequences in Greece, although I have been doing it all my life in a natural way, with my own self, my two older children and my students.

Not schooling a child is illegal in Greece. On the other hand, the public schooling provided represents very conservative, outdated curriculums, schools and practices, which produce very poor results and certainly don't work in today's world much less tomorrow's.

Greek schools rate among the lowest worldwide and our children are unhappy, uncreative, unsupported, misinformed and much too stressed for their own good. The State is doing nothing to change all this. Total reformation of the educational system would be needed but is not even considered.

Living on the sidewalk of public habits and collective opinions about education in Greece, I am experiencing a very different reality each day observing, learning from and guiding my non-schooled child. This blog will be all about our day to day experiences as well as a follow up of our legal battle with the State.

Being bilingual, I often want to express myself in English rather than Greek. Furthermore, there are many English speaking people in Greece who are anxious about the school system here and would like to be informed as well as get together with like-minded people for more creative and supportive exchange.

Being also dyslexic, there will be a couple of mistakes that the programs will not be able to detect. Bare with me and feel free to correct me when you find them. I have a lot to say about dyslexia and all these "learning difficulties" that seem to be in fashion today but still widely unknown and misinterpreted... Always in my opinion and experience! Having experienced and taught for many years, my viewpoint on this subject is totally controversial and still considered peculiar. I will be discussing this subject too...

The articles will be all about our non schooled lives as well as what I observe around me in a country of compulsory schooling from age five. Your comments and opinions are more than welcome, as I hope this blog will grow into a positive contribution to our troubled world.

Thank you for visiting!

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