May 22, 2018

A Mother’s Testimony

From a little seed…It needs time, it needs care, it needs intuition, it needs trust,
it needs attention, it needs guidance, it needs freedom,
it needs natural conditions.
All that we have underestimated but are necessary for it to bloom and flourish.

I know the feeling… The sensation is so familiar…

I have climbed the mountain - each time it seems bigger than the last. And I am preparing to jump in the emptiness. Below and afar the abyss.

There is no need of back-stepping. Only a slight hesitation, in a elusory attempt to grasp how it might be or what I will encounter, falling to my definite social death.

The melodramatic and the romantism have long changed meanings inside me... The inner child’s laughter has been added, the old woman’s weary farewell.

Yesterday, I heard a phrase that I hadn’t previously realized how much it represents me. “I am not doing it for the people, but for truth”. 

People are still trapped and they WANT to remain that way. Few will read, even fewer will understand and still fewer will take action according to that which they will understand.

It doesn’t change my own purpose; the non-negotiable choice to serve ONLY the truth, often at the expense of my image, my profile.

Those who know how this world functions, those who control the depths of the subconscious of the masses, know very well that they can no longer touch me. At the same time, they are rubbing their hands in front of this "reckless" (according to them) act of my social suicide.

They will use familiar tactics of intimidation, deprivation, abduction, they will attempt to create an “example to avoid” (as they are already doing), they will invoke false, shallow morality, they will use their self-proclaimed adherents, offer "spectacle and blood" to the masses, they will use the information appropriately for the preservation of slavery, in the name of "justice". As long as they can.

In this position, in the mountain-top gaze of the abyss, I am necessarily Alone. The very next moment remains unknown.

I raised a free-spirited child, contrary to the indoctrination system of public, compulsory, antiquated, (lack of) education, whom the state LEGALLY ABDUCTED, exactly a year ago today, restricting her of even a visit to her home, her mother, her world.

To equate a conscientious act of non-compliance with a crime simply reveals the size of the  fraud of the non-functioning education system and the authoritative state function of a shallow, consumeristic, ego-centric world.

In a mid-summer setup "trial" that neither I or my lawyer were informed of, IN ABSENTIA  of BOTH mother and child, removal of custody was lightly decided. We were again not informed.

On 28th April 2017 I was arrested, handcuffed, convicted and my child was legally abducted and is kept isolated and restricted, to this day. Not once has she been allowed to even visit her home. More details in the testimony below.

If the "education" system needs so much violence to prevail, we really need to think, very seriously, about what we are preserving with our consensus. 

The following document is a modern day heart/soul testimony – sent to the Greek public prosecutor - of an ancient-old tactic of the murder of spirit, self-sovereignty, truth, the feminine. For, the Middle Ages never ended, just changed suit to be unrecognizable. Future generations will recognize it. Those of us coming from the future, know a different story than the one taught in the institutions of modern-day slavery, where students are only trained how to become obedient cogwheels, in the same system that traps them.

Because if you become a brick in the wall, it is then impossible to bring it down!

The establishment cannot continue its violence, the enslaving of the individual, 
if enough of us become informed, care and expose it.

Stop State child abduction!

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To the Minor Prosecutor
The Greek Courts & Human beings of the world
May 2018

“Prosecutor of Minors ... An important title!
I'm just a mother and this is not a legal or academic document!

A year ago, your courts and everyone involved committed a crime against a free child and a mother, IN ABSENTIA of both! More crimes have continued since then, against a family, many self-thinking, conscious people, against Life, which you are trying to control because you are afraid of it. So much pain, horror, injustice does not fit into any document/testimony!

A year later, you order a “psychiatric evaluation of my child” and myself, intending to play the known “mentally ill” card, thus finishing off what you started, behind closed doors, since April 2015.

I refuse to participate in your crimes! I refuse to submit my child to additional pain that you are promoting, dressed with a great deal of lies.

But the truth will be revealed!

Once again, this is not a "legal document" or a "literary text" that would need defense nor do I fear criticism. It is the testimony of a mother that you have abused, a woman you have underestimated, the voice of a child (and all children) you have silenced. It is the act of a human being who has the ability to think for herself, truly, without the need for titles, or external power to do so.

You have split this case into so many convenient scattered pieces, seemingly unrelated to each other (as you do with “subjects” in the institutions you call “schools”), but I will make sure to connect them. Not with "cold events, dates and numbers" as you are used to reading and tossing in your drawers, but with honestly, with heart, with dignity; all that does not belong to you and that you cannot take from me.

After a year of forcibly – and legally - kidnapping my child, you suddenly remembered to "evaluate" me and my daughter, giving the Janeio Hospital in Pireaus a mandate order for a "psychiatric evaluation", while, for unexplained reasons (because you assume that you don’t have to answer to anyone) you removed the case from E.KE.PSY.E. Piraeus. Obviously, your employees there did not comply to your needs and (hidden) interests or you just needed to scatter the case even more, in dozens of files, that no one would connect. The criminal was the state/authority and everyone involved.

Therefore, I am replying to you starting from the end, this latest inhumane act/order, I am answering.
The appointed social worker informed me that neither she nor the psychiatrist who is on the case have been informed about all the components of the case, its history, the background. They therefore had no idea what they were supposed to be evaluating, what they should be looking into. Such irresponsible, inhumane, pointless, sloppy, superficial “scientific evaluation”! Utter violation of human rights and precisely what makes us conscious individuals, at its best!

But enough is enough!

In a world that is still run by illusion, lies and deceit, the greatest challenge is the expression of our Self, honestly, simply and truthfully.

In a world that is still waging war, raping children, underestimating the feminine, emasculating the masculine, preserving lies as truth, promoting fear and punishment as norms, retaining consciousness asleep, you no longer persuade us of the “civilization” that you are fostering. Only as long as we accept it do you retain your provisional power. It is based ONLY on our own consensus, our victimization.

Yes, I did not send my child to your deformation centers that you call schools, which aim to shut down the mind and spirit of our children to create obedient subjects, compromised people, fearful hypnotized pawns, slaves of the system, eternal sufferers / customers of your profit stores.

It was illegal and I knew it!

It was a conscious act of life/state of being towards your absurd, obsolete laws, your non-existent education, the religion that ravaged (statistically, with proof from your own statistical measures) this country, the violation of the (anachronistic) Greek constitution, the basic human rights (your own declarations), which, like the school subjects that you teach, remain theoretical and shallow. In total absence of dialogue, respect, and any substantial intention on your part (the state) to reform the non-functioning education system, ignoring even your own scientific, pedagogical, neuro-physiological etc. studies and discoveries.

Yet, I made this difficult, courageous decision and journey in public. We started joining our voices with other parents, teachers and various specialists who too could see clearly the free fall of the Greek education system.

My child was not one of the Roma children roaming the streets.

She was not begging at traffic lights.

She did not grow up “as Mogli”, as an "educated", completely ignorant Judge sarcastically commented, without ever meeting or knowing my child.

She was not uneducated or “unsocialized”.

But you already knew all that!

Otherwise she would not be a threat to the system, you would not “care about her”, as you do not care about the thousands of children on the streets or hiding under the “family” umbrella, who are being abused, ignored, silenced.

You searched and found voluntary accusers to comply with your scheming, so it would seem like a “personal debate”, a simple intra-personal dispute, so that the real intentions could remain hidden. Divide and conquer! An ancient old tactic! Plotting behind the scenes! Methodically designed! With documented and witnessed evidence, with proof, even if you do not like my upfront, raw tone.

Off the record, you “offered” the custody of my child, without asking her, with no real reason to justify this brutal act, without revealing your real plans and fears. This was revealed – by accident - in a judge's office, in one of the “communication trials”, after you convicted me and my child without our knowledge, in the summer of 2016. Of course the confession wasn’t intended but slipped out, but it was too late to take it back, even though the judge in question seemed not to hear!

At the forefront, you requested for an “apology” back in 2015, which I gave you, in a non-apologetic memorandum, of 128 pages, which we prepared with my lawyer and handed in through the police department, backed by evidence, references, interviews, scientific findings, testimonies, which supported my decision of political disobedience and our many years of unschooling, as well as all that I had learned in the process. It was an answer that you did not expect! I was expected – as is usually the case – to hide, flee the country, comply, apologize, be afraid.... as so many parents do, when you threaten and intimidate them.

When did learning really become coercion, extortion, work, an obligation? When did the conscious, responsible individual become a criminal, a threat to society, unable to raise a child? An absurd, medieval control system that continues to this day!

Off the record, you threatened me via judges’ and prosecutors’ offices. Verbally; it couldn’t be in written form, you hijacked our life! There are witnesses to this, for anyone willing to truly investigate! A fierce and ongoing attempt was made to present me as an irrational rebel, to silence and stop me, in every way, continuing your attacks on me and my child. But, there was no formal answer to my requested memorandum. No formal, just trial was set, even according to your "righteous" laws and Constitution; one which would involve all the participants of my decision: state, the school system, the Ministry, religious representatives of the education system (since they are legally inter-connected in this country) etc etc, taking into consideration my reasons for disobeying and unschooling my child. In that case, I would have accepted the court’s decision. Conscious individuals, gentlemen and ladies of the legal system and establishment, are AWARE of the weight of their decisions and the responsibility of their actions.

Off the record, and with the contribution of the police, you broke into my personal online information, with lies to Google and Facebook and managed to delete my account, read my messages, spy on me in groups and on my blogs. With false allegations, non-existent "threats of a child” (all of which are documented in the files you hold in your hands), you violated my personal life behind my back.

You plotted and conducted a "trial" in the middle of summer in 2016, the verdict of which you had already pre-decided, so my or my child’s presence wasn’t actually needed for fulfilling your schemes. With immense, inhumane ease, you removed custody, IN ABSENTIA, even though I had birthed and raised her alone, for nearly ten years.

On May 28, 2017, you arrested me, in the middle of the road, where I parked, waiting for friends to spend our Sunday together, with our children. The information was leaked through my messages and facebook group which you were already hijacking and tracking. I was accused of the “abduction of my child”!

Since you staged the case of the removal of custody behind my back the previous summer (July) and didn’t bother even to inform me of the verdict, you made me look like a “runaway convict”, thus the staged accusation was legitimate.

ABDUCTION! From whom? Contrary to your staged allegations, I had been raising my child alone, with my family’s support (not the state’s). You did not have the slightest idea of ​​who this kid was, how she was growing up. You did not know ANYTHING about her life. You completely ignored her, and me, to this day.

The police departments that followed, the many painful events that took place, my child's crying and pleading with me not to let them take her, the waiting, the handcuffs, the night in jail, the fingerprints, the assault on our life, cannot fit into any document or testimony. And I was / I am a mother!

Instead, I could write volumes about my child and my journey with her. How she was born (natural birth), how she grew up (unschooled and unprogrammed), how she learned, what I learned in the process, what I discovered with her, what I came to realize thanks to her and this magical journey we took together.

A journey that, although it started out with some reasonable and expected doubts, like anything new that we attempt, nevertheless, was showing me, with each passing day and my continuous research, how much we still have to learn, how little we know about children and how they think as well as their real needs.

In a more mature and sophisticated society (rather than the retrograde existing one), we would be putting all this information together, at a round-equal table, and place all our heads together to build together a better education system, a renewed, liberate, truly democratic "school", based on real cultivation of the whole being, with real principles and values. Parents, educators, teachers, children, teenagers, scientists; all together, with each person’s knowledge, wisdom gained, experience and everything we each have to offer for the good of all. Utopia. We are still in the dark ages, still in denial!

It is necessary to reveal that the power of parapolitics will never become righteousness, that the laws do not always express the moral right (the Inquisition, slavery, every kind of violence against human dignity were all legal), that punishment has never reformed anyone and it is not a "divine right" of authority to rule over people in the name of the laws that you implement without the people, but a construct with which you dominate conscience.

From my child's lips and not from yours, I have heard the greatest truths that every open heart knows to recognize. "Don’t be afraid mom, the truth is always revealed in the end." But you silenced her, you ignored her, you isolated her, in order to transform and condition her.

- You were not willing to see and talk to her. You did not have the courage to pay any attention to her, either before or in any of your plotted trials.

- You (state hospitals) vaccinated her violently, without my or her consent, without her health book, without any medical history whatsoever, amidst her crying and refusal, pleading to call me, which you brutally ignored.

- You prevented her from communicating with me - her mother - and you staged controlled visitations, in so called “trials”, which were filled with limitations, blackmail, bullying and restrictions and often ended up in police stations, with complaints to the prosecutor’s office, but to no avail, no attention, no change, even though I followed the road of the legal system.

- You forbade my child of EVER visiting her house since 28 May 2017, you denied her her toys, books, her dog, her bedroom, garden with plants she planted herself; her whole world to this day! You denied her her mother!

- You ignored - experts and social services included - her paintings that showed prison bars, confinement, screams of pain as well as her writings, where she desperately wanted to be freed, to return home.

- No psychologist, no social worker by her side, at any point of this violent change in her life at any stage. No attention, no evaluation, no support, no one beside her.

- You gave her false promises (by word of mouth) that you just blurted out for the show, completely superficially, to a "mere child" you do not really see anyway, at a staged much delayed informal meeting with her, for a few minutes.

- You have deprived her of serenity, the security and the warmth that she knew till you violently changed her life. You have allowed her to be hurt physically, emotionally, mentally. You have deprived her of everything she knew and wanted. But you did not need to see her, you did not need to know her. There is so much proof to all this; photographs, witnesses all the absurd staged events, people who knew us all our life!

All that cannot disappear, cannot be forgotten, cannot be silenced or mutated.

- You simply dropped her at a public school in Keratsini, with no preparation, no formal evaluation or substantial assessment, without any knowledge of her real life, without any participation from me, her mother, since you made sure to exclude me from the school and her teachers (again, with proof and documented facts). Your purpose was to completely isolate me from my child, regardless of her own good.

- You've isolated her in an old, dark apartment in an over-populated, cement suburb, totally unsuitable for a child or what she was used to, while nothing in the apartment reminded you of a “child”, since it was never indented to include one in it. No toys, no children’s books, no children’s clothes, and with inappropriate people as “guardians” to a child they did not know or care about. You were using them, you never really examined them or took the time or the moral effort to know us. You made up the profiles through your “social services”, used false testimonies which were and are utterly untrue; the truth of this is so easily definable, it all seems (but isn’t) a joke! There was no one to hear my child’s pleadings and pain.

- You have excluded her from her siblings, grandmother, family, friends, from all those who have stood consistently at our side, in her life, which was a life of freedom, self-exploration, respect, care and love for unique presence in our life! She had a NORMAL, carefree childhood, pursuing her interests, learning and living with passion, which you violently took away from her.

- The appointments that were set up for me (not my child, for no psychologist or social worker was seeing my child) by court order at the E.KE.PSY.E. center, at Piraeus, stopped abruptly, when I asked to see my child without her “guardian’s” supervision and bullying, even if it meant sitting in the social worker’s office to talk with my child and then visiting her school with her as well as the social worker accompanying us. She agreed to this but was somehow and by someone stopped, with no explanation. I was informed a day prior to the appointment when I CALLED, after I had prepared all the things that I bought and wanted to take to my child.

I was probably not expected to continue fighting for moral justice, my child’s and my own dignity as a mother, as a human being. I was not expected to have any (natural for a mother) disagreement with the court orders or the workings of the social services; the lack of any real care, empathy and truth. The reason that NO psychologist, no social services worker, no prosecutor, no judge evaluated or stood by my child, remains to this day unanswered. The case was simply appointed elsewhere, after months of nothingness on the state’s part.

No matter how this case is twisted and the truth distorted, it cannot be hidden, especially not from those of us who lived it, knew it, since April 2015. You will fail at removing that which has already been achieved and does not belong to you.

Truth never needed defense because it simply IS; it shines whether we agree with it or not. The time has come for it to be recognized, from those who have the courage to see it.
The surging wave will not be reversed or stopped, no matter how much you attempt to delay it.

No, we do not have to burn shops, fire bullets, protest in the streets, kill each other or hide in our fake shells. All of these reactions support the establishment, as they are promoted by the system itself; to which conscious, awake people cannot belong. No such act can be a real revolution.

No, I will not continue to conduct false, set up "court trials". I will not be "represented" by any lawyer who knows neither me nor my child, who is not free from fear and still obeys orders beside his or her own conscience. Besides, you have already convicted me IN ABSENTIA, Again and again! You have convicted my child IN ABSENTIA! Again and again! Any consecutive trials, following the same pre-decided pattern would be conformity, submissiveness. But now I have learned!

It was my personal Life and struggle for freedom that taught me - not your schools and false teachings or made up history - that all I need is to be humble and courageous to be my Self, to be able to look at my children with clear sight and dignity for who I am. That I do not have to remember infinite lies to back up false truths because Truth is always present at all times. It taught me to align my words with my emotions and actions, to be consistent, at one with my conscience, wherever I am, whatever I do; with passion, devotion, self-respect and honesty and openness.

Did you really believe that any of your so called “verdicts” and court decisions can deprive me of motherhood, which I have consciously chosen?

Did you really believe that any condemnation, punishment, embezzlement, opinion you are attempting to manufacture, could change who I am?

Do you really believe that any trickery, blackmail, restriction or conviction can remove the mother from a child’s heart, where she is secure and recognized?

Do you really believe that a person making such a courageous decision to not school her child (which is perfectly legal and customary in most countries), who dares not hide away, does not flee, but continues to learn, research, to challenge the ancient laws, which provide NO alternative nor give any rights to parents, has something to fear?

And I'm not the only one, in many areas, in many professions, in every corner of the country. This number of conscious, awake people grows daily.

Or do you accept this tone and style of speech only among politicians, in Parliament, which the people scorn at for they make fools of themselves, throwing arrows at each other, “for our eyes only”? Stand-ins, actors, while the real bosses are elsewhere.

Look around you, if you dare, at the society we are co-creating; the world we are promoting. The sight burdens my shoulders! After more than half a century of living, I am still surprised by the hypnosis, the violence, the oblivion, the hidden enmity, the phobic selfishness, the dependence, the need for control, for illness, the futility of many people in suicidal or giving up mode, the surface quick-fixes so many depend on, the shallow enjoyments, the multiple inhumane laws, lies, manipulation of news, the lack of real dialogue, the pharmaceutical industry’s clientele that you call "medicine" and so much more that are being advertised as something other than what they really are. At the same time, you are not telling children the truth in schools, you keep them isolated from the real world, you sell them theory and anxiety.

Bribed doctors, sold lawyers and judges (either in money or in guilt), robotized teachers, outdated religionism, distorted news, promoted fear, for the purpose of keeping the masses in animal instincts, politicians appointed by invisible governments, prison schools to ensure that consciousness remains in confinement, in enslavement, in fear. Midnight meetings where the intended is exchanged, money and decisions change hands, the mafia who nobody touches, no laws apply. The homeless, refugees, groups and cults that you maintain to divide and conquer!

We must perceive obscurantism to be in a position to choose. We must dare to see our world clearly, the course we have taken, the exit, the solution, the answers that will be creative, not another repetition of our story in another way, but something completely new, a new closely-knit humanity. Whosoever chooses to turn a blind eye, has simply learned (the lesson taught) well; to live in fear, to remain a victim, to freeze at authority, which this sick socialization/conformity promotes and justifies. Because its basic principle is "you have to match, resemble, follow and mutate to fit in."

I did not raise my child to “fit in” a sick society but to have the opportunity to change it, remain free and sovereign, by keeping her mind open and her spirit pure. And yes, it CAN be done, while growing up among her fellow men, not forced and caged in a fake world, apart from the real one.

A superior, detached, timeless, unharmed part of my Self is immensely grateful to you!

Because without this Calvary, this inhuman experience (which goes on extortionately), without the inexhaustible violence we have suffered, I would not be in a position to realize so many lies posing as truths, so much supposedly egotistic “morality” destroyed, I would not decode the establishment that you maintain and defend so deeply, I would not be as humbly and steadfastly sure of my choice NOT to distort my child by schooling her. I would not understand the beliefs of “justice” I romantically kept. Yes, many illusions fell!

I would not have so totally dissolved, so deeply, to be born again from my ashes ... again and again, as many times as needed, free! As my child will also, always remain free, regardless of the violence, the lies, the isolation that you have imposed on her. You will never succeed at changing her because her innermost center is secured. She belongs to another world, not yours, in another time; you do not define her consciousness.

Your actions, my child's prior life and my own life will always tell the truth, no matter how you attempt to distort it, only temporarily, with a frozen, wooden tone, heartless, memorized, colorless. The unjustifiable cannot be justified. All the facts, all evidence, documents, declarations, testimonies, decisions, proof, everything will be at her disposal, as well as anyone who courageously and seriously dares to seek, to uncover the truth. My life has never needed to be kept secret. I have never served a fake profile, like the one you attempted to manufacture to serve your purposes.

When you decided to put handcuffs on a mother, imprison and condemn a mother, you did not understand what you did! When you decided to violate her child, you decided at the same time, without realizing it, to find out how a mother, the Feminine, fights. You decided to go against the forces of Nature.

You will one day be forced to admit that NO one man has all the answers, whoever he is. Our pressing challenge as a humanity is dialogue!

No man has the authority to rule over life, to preserve stagnation and the unnatural, without sickening the society he attempts it in, without devolutionizing humanity.

No authority can prevent change, research, the spirit that is born and rises, not with enforcement but by Natural Law; free, whole, creative.

There is no "one" human law, "one" human authority, "one" political view, "one" party, "one" anything, which is manufactured with hidden intentions able to represent all people by putting them in cages.

You are unable to discern beyond the "laws" that you enforce because you ignore your intuition, you do not see individuals but numbers, your own assumptions, your multiple folders. But you are ignorant of life outside your titles and ranks. You fear to look at another with equal respect, you are afraid to exit your molds, your indoctrination.

Among you, as well as among teachers, doctors, anywhere and everywhere, there are genuine individuals. With them I will Co-verse!

I am staying in the same house, in which my child asked me, "Never leave there mom!" It was her paradise, she loved it. I take care of the plants, the trees, the flowers that she helped plant, talked to, loved and understood..

I open her closet and drawers, mainly to give her clothes away (most of them new that she did not get to wear), but I leave everything as it was.

The house is filled with her books, her drawings, all the little things she made, her toys, her photos.

I try to take care of her workshop, preserve everything and make her space beautiful and colorful. She loved color!

I find it difficult to enter bookshops, where we spent countless hours before, depositing small fortunes for her learning.

My heart tightens when I walk through the shops’ corridors with children’s clothes and toys, something which I now avoid to do.

I avoid “her” beaches, the places we frequently visited, the people who knew us, loved her, admired her… and they are so many… so many, it’s all so empty.

I do not know what to say to her dog, ​​who does not understand why she is suddenly not here anymore. They grew up together.

Her friends keep asking for her, her bicycle’s wheels are flat, her bed is empty, the house is unnaturally quiet without her laughter, her singing every morning, her endless questions and expressions.

Sitting in front of “her” bridge and the sea that she adored so much, I am thinking that it is impossible to eradicate her memories, her love, the truth that is hers, no matter how hard you try to lie, intimidate, and restrict her. It is impossible to remove the pain but also the truth that I have served with honesty, raising her BEING who I AM, not a fake construct that tried to fit in, as much as you misinterpret and manipulate my words and actions.

What more can you really do to me?

I have lived and survived the burning of "witches", in a new, “civilized” way, an upgraded middle age witch-hunt. The pain you have caused is, at times, unbearable and indescribable.

But my spirit remains serene, devoted, sworn to serve ONLY the truth. You will not be able to bend it. I do not belong to you, nor will my child belong to you. And NO child is worth less!

This testimony will reach many hands; touch many hearts, both in Greece and overseas, because such a crime must be revealed to humanity, people in any country, under any flag or language. It will speak to the hearts that are open and fearless, to minds that dare question the establishment and think for themselves.

The truth is that with this pledge of my soul, without corrections and censorship, I am offering a voice to many people who have had enough of corrupt authorities, in the name of "democracy" and "order" imposed by control, intimidation and of the obsolete ideas of indoctrination.

And I know I'm not the only one ...

For a year now, you have been dragging me to prefabricated trial after trial, which you had already condemned, according to the hidden purposes of your profited intentions and your upper bosses.

We were lied to in school, that “judiciary authority” equals justice, that it is an “independent” body, that it is irrelevant to politics and religion. Being one of the most religiously-led states in the world (statistically), a deeply sick society and a non-existent state for its citizens (since its leaders are sold and bought), who murders the psyche, deprives financially intellectually and emotionally, you are incapable of persuading us of your "good" intentions.

You have given titles, positions and roles to yourselves: prosecutor, judge, president, to continue posing as superior, important, to terrorize those who are asleep and fearful. (The amount of violence, abuse, psychotic behavior of people in authoritative positions, public services, institutions, schools, is staggering. Many cases see the light of exposure but not all. It becomes a mere toss of dice, in which hands you will fall into.)

We are not all asleep! And you are simple people, without any privileges in fact, without superiority. We all die. We do not all live!

This has been (and still is) a macabre medieval voyage, which a large portion of society remains unsuspecting of, even though it’s in front of its eyes, since you sell obedience as morality, hollow words, authority, intimidation, lack of real education, all dressed up with "good intentions".

The worst and biggest crimes of humanity were dressed with “good intentions”!

I am free because I am not aiming at pity or favor or any "decision" you would “favor” me with.

I am free because I do not need to defend a fake image of myself.

I am free because I do not belong to any of your shops, heresies, cults, parties, catechisms.

I am free because I have eradicated your schooling from inside me.

I am free because my mind and my spirit are my own.

The truth that you have not taught us is that each one of us can only offer his/her Self, only what he/she IS in life. That is why everyone involved, in any way, in this excursion of a child and a mother, are already paying with guilt, bitterness, misery, in their own pale, shallow, boring lives, in all that you are hiding from your profiles and titles.

From our consciousness we do not escape!

Divide and conquer.

Α versatile, multidimensional, multilevel tactic. Facing its last aggravating attempts to control!

Because justice is not dependent!

Because truth is only temporarily hidden and when it must be revealed nothing can stop it.

Because the free individual does not dominate and is not dominated!

Because consciousness does not drift when awakened!

Because life does not belong to you or anyone!

Truth is not an opinion.

Innocence is not being naive.

People are not “mass”, a crowd, but individuality, presence, power; unbeatable when they cease to be victims.

Learning is not schooling and it never ends. We do not "graduate knowledgeable".

Spirituality is not (any) religion.

Psychiatry has nothing to do with the soul, which it ignores.

Love is not enforced and cannot be mutated.

Nature is not eradicated and is part of our sanctity.

You chose to go against a mother, without knowing the sacredness of the role that your “civilization” turned into a business; in your violent, inhuman hospitals, in your ruthless decisions, absent from the substantial matters that she should have a sacred place in.

You ignore eternal archetypes, unwritten, timeless laws that you manipulate to suit your intentions and the orders that you are restricted with.

You are being body-guarded because you live in fear. You police people because you have betrayed your Selves and Life.

A testimony dripping in blood, pain, anger, indignation, everything you teach us to hide to remain sick, to need of a "cure". All the hell your civilization transforms into “pink clouds”, superficial spirituality, so you do not need face it.

Yet, if I deny this, if I do not dare to see it all with courage, I will not appreciate the beauty of life, the wisdom of Justice (which is unrelated to power), recognize the sacrifice of the true Masculine, who you turned into a violent, fearful, fascist religion. I would not be able to see the true people next to me who, with dedication and stability, have observed and experienced this difficult but also awesome in its revelations, journey. I would not recognize the unique Feminine, which, however you suppress. she is reborn and blooms again, as nature does.

Last year, on this day, you were abducting my child from my arms, with lies, telling her, by word of her “custodian” that it was “only for a few days”, while I was being handcuffed, led to the detention center, spending the night in jail.

The next day, when I was allowed to go home, waiting for the upcoming “trial”, I received a phone call in the middle of the night from my child, crying and screaming, begging me to “come and take her away from there”. She “couldn’t take it any longer…the lies she was immediately being told, the abuse, the ridicule”. Her own words!

None of you who are "only interested in my child’s best interests” were next to her. No one cared. No one reached out to her, supported her, made sure of her new enforced dwellings or evaluated the quality of her assigned custodians. Social services, judges, prosecutors, psychologists, the so called “Smile of the Child” organization showed its true Pontius Pilot face, unable to act on our multiple complaints. A deaf state, incompetent police, weak lawyers, absent social establishments and experts!

Alone! A child alone! Until today! Because the system is incompetent, is failing!

Even the one who told you, "the kingdom of God is within you," you crucified him. The one who told you, "know yourself", you poisoned him. Those who did not comply to the voice of the incumbent, were exiled, imprisoned, killed. In retrospect, you sanctify them, honor them, set them statues and appoint special honors to them! You are still promoting idols while killing humans.

How futile!

All these, as well as all the female heroines, scientists, philosophers, which you excluded from your history books, are now rising because consciousness has never been substantially and irreversibly constrained. Simple people you have never given a second thought to, have already begun to speak in a language that you do not teach either in your institutions/schools or in your "reformation centers" (prisons) and you can no longer silence.

We have begun to say "no, I do not consent, I do not comply, I do not follow, I do not become a pawn, I do not compromise". We do not need more violence!

We each create our own way, we unite, we research, we learn from each other, we offer what we know, we co-create. It’s a world that you, who have been confined to chairs, roles, positions of authority have not and cannot imagine. In your absurd “logic”, your lack of empathy, the absence of true morality, your senseless actions, it does not belong to you!

I was advised to write "only events", dates, names, cold incidents, not "emotionally". Strange, this reminds me of school!

But we birth our children with emotion, we raise them with emotion, we live our lives with emotion, we nurture and care for all that we love with emotion! With passion we create, blossom, grow! The system that you maintain and abusively impose is suffocating us! No more!

You too live with emotion! But you hide it behind your black robes and carefully-tailored clothes, your titles and public profiles. Its evident though, in your inhuman, frivolous, choices and decisions.

The civilization of every culture begins with education. Nothing else! It is not imposed in courts!

You will not succeed in castrating me. No matter what else you can snatch from me, you will not subtract who and what I AM; my sovereignty, which I have worked hard for decades at acquiring, with personal work.

I had one dream as a child. To be able to look at me courageously in the eye at a later, near-end stage in my life’s future and be able to tell myself, "It was an honor to meet you; it was worthwhile to have lived!"

It is done!

Every end is a new beginning ...

Stop state child abduction

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Your sunflowers that you adore have blossomed. And they are huge!
Curiously, I have the feeling that you will see them.
That I will hear your laughter again. 
That I will once again hold you in my arms ....

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