Sep 28, 2015

Getting rid of "dyslexia" or....

...dyslexic connections!

One day, people will say, "they use to call it 'dyslexia' way back then, but they didn't know"... The greatest challenge of unschooling our children is to unschool ourselves in the process. It's a task we are faced with every single day, in little "details" that we normally wouldn't even think about. Preferably, if we want to avoid much stress and confusion, we would have been doing this long before we decide to have children. Very few of us do!

A large part of that unschooling process has to do with not being as willing as before to believe everything we read or hear, even if it’s from experts. Life has taught me that there are no authoritative experts that I must bow down to or take any discovery/opinion as a "closed Truth. Asking questions is something we are taught very early on, through experience, to stop making...

Sep 19, 2015

Right-brain thinking/writing

How do I lose myself so, that before I look at the calender I have no idea whatsoever what day/date it is? Even if, yesterday I had seen the date; I said it, wrote it, thought about it, used it. And yet, today it's vanished from my mind. Doesn't the multi-sensory method work? Being a teacher, a learner, a researcher, my mind makes up all sorts of questions that throw me into research, no matter what or how much I think I know.

Just realized that I don't write on this blog that I made anew a few weeks (I think) ago. But, I created all these blogs to have an expression pathway, so that THEY serve me, not I them! And this is what scares me in the school system too. That every day will become the same, that children are required to repeat the same program over and over again, that in the end they end up serving the subjects, the marks, the exams, the teachers, everyone and everything else, except their own self!