Mar 14, 2016

Sacred Space

Most people are afraid of retreating into themselves, of taking time to BE with themselves. Unless you're meditating, unless you're DOING something that they understand, that they can SEE, and suits there beliefs, it is rejected, feared. Perhaps meditation is something that we are adopted in the West, for this main, subconscious reason; to have a good excuse to escape our social relationships, to withdraw from our social lives.  This is not the case in our home.

There comes a time - many times - when kids tire most parents, as they realize that they need time for themselves that they just don't have, since parenting is a full-time job. But I haven't seen parenting as a job, although socially, legally, financially, it SHOULD be seen as such, as it takes much inner and outer work....continuously!

Mar 1, 2016

Why I don't "teach subjects"

In the beginning of our unschooling life, I used to worry about doing the "right thing", doing "enough", doing it at the "right time", since I was new to this. In addition to all this, choosing to unschool in a country where it is illegal plus NO ONE has ever even heard about it, was a risky and daring decision. I found that I was practically alone in my search, my thoughts, all my attempts, my trials and errors.
Gradually, and through the years, a lot has our lives, not the legal or social status.

Now I realize that teaching specific subjects to a child, the way it's done in text books and in schools is totally boring (for both of us) and is totally useless and unnecessary. Neither our minds nor our lives function that way!

Nothing is sequential and additional, piling carefully, one on top of another. This method of gradual adding/showing/ learning, might be useful for something that you decide to become devoted to and serve, something you want to specify and expertize in, but not to show you the world, its meaning, its complexity. It definitely doesn't work according to a child's mind and needs.