Dec 17, 2017

Domestication vs Education

What you ARE, truly, really, is something that derives from deep within you, from the center of your being. It doesn’t have anything to with your accomplishments, education, wealth, status etc etc. In fact, all this may and most often are deceptive.

The world is your stage, to help you see and bring out who you really are. When you have seen who you really are, you fully become/express/reveal your Self, no matter what. Regardless of cost or reward; there is nothing else that you can do! 

School is for domestication. Education is something entirely different. Being domesticated themselves, parents have no other internal choice.

Children are taught what the parents already know, from the domestication they have already received themselves. Programming is further refined, more of the same upgraded and strengthened. Any holes, empty spaces or doubts (questioning) are appropriately filled. By the time schools are through with domesticating children, you can cut the rope, break the chains. They’re not going anywhere!

Oh, they are led to BELIEVE that they are! BELIEF can seemingly turn bondage into freedom, pack mentality into personal choice, victimhood into duty and virtue in no time. And it does!

Authority is always there, in some form, to remind you that you are a domesticated being. But you have been trained not to see, not to connect two and two together, not to realize anything but your fear and your smallness, at taught!

It’s actually a well-serving system of modern society, which offers that which is called for, needed, sought, by the repeating cycles of birthing believers, "pets", automated clones, not individuals. The reverse would be too much work, a full re-evaluation of everything that domesticated people call “civilization”.

For learning, growing and maturing is a completely different story. It has totally different characteristics. Some of them are:

- You cannot learn anything that you have not asked to discover.

- You cannot understand anything that you cannot connect within your own self, within your own life.

- Knowledge is not without but within. Outside is information – ample of it nowadays – that you use to surface the knowledge which already exists within.

- You cannot be tested for what you know, nor is memorizing and reciting knowledge. All true knowledge is only applied, within your “working ground”. Life is your working ground; everything in it, every one of your relationships with people, things, interests, passions, fears, desires, challenges, pains and pleasures. Wisdom is seeing and gaining from the application of knowledge.

- No one can tell you what to learn. Anything that others (including books, experts, teachings, beliefs etc.) need you to learn has to be doubted, as you haven’t asked for it, you haven’t’ come to it by your own will. The teachers around you are meant to be providers of information, helpers in research, facilitators of your interests and questions, explorers with you, models to use on your own journey. That is their continuous challenge, no matter how much they know!

- Learning always takes time. There is time for questioning, for refining and specifying/changing the questions. There is time for searching, studying and exploring information. Time for digesting, choosing from many sources and through various resources, synthesizing information with whatever is already known. Time for testing, attempting, implementing, experimenting with information mixed with knowledge already gained and imagination; your own vision of things. And all this is not a linear process but integrating parts which make up the fractal, “fabric” of learning and maturing.

The walls, curriculums, grades, levels of current education systems would have to come down. A new vision of reality would have to be seen and brought to being.

Living according to the above model is a living a purposeful life. It’s our natural state of being which has been kicked out of us.

Breaking, falling, failing, hurting is part of the process. Everything is part of the process. Or you’re not really living! What you make of your learning is what “conscious living” is about. It is that which you truly give to others, to this life. Regardless of what you do, which is always open to interpretation.

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