Avaaz: Stop State child abduction

Stop State child abduction!

Lawful snatching of a child from its mother, in the name of any education system or law, cannot be justified when it opposes the Natural, Just and Moral Laws.

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Imagine being a carefree child growing up with your mother happily. You feel safe, loved, free to explore 
your world and your interests. You live by the sea, grow your own garden, play everyday with your beloved dog, you have lots of friends of every age and culture and you learn following your curiosity, your passion for life. You live within nature, utilizing the gifts, lessons and wisdom it offers you. You live the life that every CHILD deserves!

Now imagine that one morning, as you are on your way to meet your friends, a group of unknown people appear out of nowhere and snatch you violently, indiscreetly and without any warning, from your mother’s arms. Without realizing it, you have just spent your last moments with your mother and your world as you knew it for nearly a decade.

Your mother is held away from you. You get handed over to people you barely know, without the supervision of any social workers or the help of any experts.

Since that day, you are forbidden to return or even visit your home, your world. You are not allowed to see your family, your friends, the people closest to you. Why? You don’t know. No one cares to explain or ask you how you feel, what you want. Your voice is never heard.

Later, you are being lied to… Nothing is as it was before… They don’t hear your cries, your pleas. They don’t have your best interests in mind, as they keep repeating like robots. You practically don’t exist. You have become a small, insignificant child, with no will of your own!

Their only concern is to cut off the head that dared to rise, that dared to challenge the establishment.
The head that rose up is your mother’s. The mother who raised you with Truth and Values. The mother who taught you to research, to question, to listen, to experiment, to not be afraid! But how would authority/the establishment be preserved if you learned to research, to question, to listen, to challenge yourself, and not be afraid? How would you become a pawn in their hands? How would" law and order" be preserved?

Alternative education, which is legitimate in many countries across the world with brilliant results for decades now as it is scientifically recognized and proven, is still illegal in Greece. This leads people to disobedience against an irrational law. 

The state on the other hand, in an effort to maintain control, instead of moving towards the future, listening and responding to the needs of a rapidly changing world, proceeds to the unprecedented crime of lawfully ABDUCTING a child from her mother, thus making it absolutely clear to its citizens that it considers itself to be the indisputable owner of their lives, their bodies, and even their children!

This ABDUCTION and punishment of the only non-schooled child who was not hiding in Greece, pushes dozens of other non-schooled children to hide even more. At the same time, this same State remains indifferent to all those children who, for various other social, medical, cultural reasons, are excluded from the, otherwise anachronistic and dysfunctional, education system, without altering their current situation in any substantial way.

We demand, ask, press in all directions; all conscious people everywhere, all organizations, all international social services, the State, to return the child to her mother and home. Children are NOT and should not become a tool of extortion for the state against parents. 

People do NOT belong to the state!
The state is meant to serve its people!

What possible reason can explain and justify such violence against a child and a mother?

Stop State child abduction!

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