Jan 19, 2018


The only way you can help others is to inspire them. That’s what we truly give. That’s what we truly are!

I remember a teacher, back in my school years, making me so love geometry, that I seriously thought of becoming a mathematician, where my school marks barely scraped the fail base line. But then, when was school the best judge of my true self?

After graduation, I began learning about myself, life and everything that interested me. Which was a lot!

Back to grade one! 
It took a while to realize that I had dived in the deep end without a life-jacket and with no floor to stand on. There was nothing else to do but swim. 

Then, I realized that I didn’t have to “become” a mathematician to love geometry, become an artist or a graphic designer to love art, become a teacher to love learning and teaching.

You can’t hold on to something forever. Why would you want to, unless you’ve been conned into believing that you have to!

I can be Me! A friend, an artist, an activist, a mother, an inspirer, a destroyer, a writer, a worker…the list can go on to infinity. Whenever I notice a box, I want to get out of it. And yet, I can see myself in each one. It’s a different view from the outside looking in as well as from the inside experiencing. It seems dizzying and dazzling to keep both views but it isn’t. It’s quite normal once you get the hand of it.

We haven't been taught everything!

I still don’t like biographies, CVs, titles, boxes.

I still don’t like writing from top to bottom but in between, all over the place, now and later, all according to inspiration, my will, passion, enthusiasm, my own priorities. Which I am quite capable of figuring out! Trust yourself! When did we know that growing up?

I still don’t like rules, especially those that have no other reason of existence but to inflict fear, to protect authority, to stall creativity.

I still don’t like correcting my spelling mistakes or filling in the words that my dyslexic mind forgets. But I do….sometimes. Many people still need it all in plain view. And then, they STILL bypass! So funny!

Of course there are the accusers. The ones who have screwed up with their many garments, tittles, roles, CVs, who have bought into the “naming game”, the defining plan, losing sight of the real self, the purpose of living. You need to be prepared for those. They have to do everything possible to get you back into the game. It’s the only way it stays alive and thriving. Especially the “defenders”, all those “friends” who want to help you back into “normality” because “you have lost your way” and “they know better”.

Ok, take that back! You are NEVER as prepared as you think for the attacks. But then, what sort of an “experience” would that be, if you were? How would you find yourself in the deep end, swimming for dear life if you knew the ocean?

Just coming out of some “serious” physical ailments – with no conventional medicine, which would love to have me hospitalized – the view from my window is freshly magnificent. Roses do bloom in winter!

I still love my hair purple….until I don’t!

All those poor people still looking for love… But you can either be IN love or OUT OF love. And that’s just one decision, each moment: you either dive in the deep end without a life-jacket or you don’t.

What school (and its supporters) hasn’t told us, is that after jumping in the deep end and you get used to the freezing waters, the frightening depth, the realization that you need to either paddle, lie on your back and enjoy the view or whatever it is you want to do, you suddenly realize that you aren’t alone in the vastness of the unknown but there are many mentors, true friends, lovers, those who have dared to jump too and find each other when they did!

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