Aug 24, 2015

A different kind of party

We decided to have a party at the last moment. Not the usual kind...

There were no invitations, no preparations, no formalities and no expectations. But then, there were also no disappointments, no running around or stress, no after-work and no tiredness.

We bought a nice cake, one that she chose, candles, potato chips, paper plates, etc,  and went to our neighborhood's playground in the afternoon. She knows most of the kids there, they are her friends; younger, older, boys, girls. We don't have the "school", "class", "gender" categorizations.

We laid everything out on a picnic table and she started calling all her friends over. They were all surprised at the news. They had never had a party at the spur of the moment and definitely not at the playground.

At first they were shy and rather distant because of the "big" people and the new idea that was presented to them. They quickly eased up though and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her as she blew out her eight candles. We cut the cake and they all joined in the fun and conversations.

She had made little crowns a couple of weeks before; one day when she was feeling creative and giving. She said she would give them away to her friends and today was the day. Each one had their own little crown of different color and decorating, which they wore for pictures and laughs. They were more authentic than the usual party hats; everyone loved them. They asked if they could keep them.

All the children played together for the rest of the afternoon, in what seemed like a different vibration between them. Now they had something in common, they were all one big company/group, without their differences.

There were no presents; she is not taught to expect them, she was having the time of her life!

This was her day, and she stayed up later than usual, enjoying what she called a "party" and everyone enjoyed being a part of.

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  1. What is more beautiful than this! Spontaneous, unexpected, unforgettable, happy and true!!!