Sep 30, 2016

Just when I think I'm teaching...

So, what is it REALLY like to raise a free human being? It’s highly inspiring, truly challenging and often uncomfortable. Overall it’s a blessing!

Nothing is ever truly known or straight-forward, there is nothing “usual” or fixed in our lives, although we do try to function – at least to some extent – according to this linear reality.

The habit of WANTING to MAKE children understand, rather than enter their world, almost always falls on its face, as I am reminded again and again that not only does it not work but also that it is a violent act of intrusion without the necessary understanding included in it.

Any time you sit on a pedestal with these children, you must also remain prepared to get thrown right off it, with the easiness of their innocent, internal wisdom. Most of the time, I am reminded - thankfully with willingness -  that I still have a lot to learn.