Dec 31, 2017

When those who are meant to protect, abuse


We live for a limited time in life; most people tend to forget that. We are also brought up with the belief that the world is the way it is and that we need to accept and live with it. I haven't yet figured out why people accept that belief and then go on to marvel innovators, worship the rebels and the leaders of change. I have never managed to fit in with that model. I didn't want my child to believe it either.

Dec 17, 2017

Domestication vs Education

What you ARE, truly, really, is something that derives from deep within you, from the center of your being. It doesn’t have anything to with your accomplishments, education, wealth, status etc etc. In fact, all this may and most often are deceptive.

The world is your stage, to help you see and bring out who you really are. When you have seen who you really are, you fully become/express/reveal your Self, no matter what. Regardless of cost or reward; there is nothing else that you can do! 

Aug 30, 2017

In Absentia; legally!

To remove child custody in Absentia; without a fair trial, in absence.

Whatever the reason/crime, in absence cannot be justified. Or we have to accept the Dark Ages and the witch hunt as a modern day reality.

When human rights remain on paper, when the human being is absent, there cannot be a righteous case.

Convicted in absence!Yes, it CAN be done. It has been done!

Apr 19, 2017

Greek Stubbornness and exceptional children

Why aren’t free schools formed in Greece like the rest of the world?
Stubborn, conservative and as primitive-like as Greek people seem, they are not easily persuaded, lured into copied practices, habits, novices.

Deep inside their hearts, beneath their cultural and religious programming, they somehow realize that freedom is much more than a few “human rights”, a few laws past, a few changes in customs and habits.
They are seeking their deep ties with life, their past, for a grander individual and collective purpose. They are not easily tempted or as lost as they seem, on a spiritual level.

Our whole history is within us. The whole past makes sense; the deprivation, the humiliation, suppression, ignorance, everything. The collective history doesn’t differ from the individual history.

The words must be recognized individually on a different level: the images, emotions, connections, time travels, the soul’s journeys..

On the other end...

Mar 16, 2017

Kids don't have to hate Math

Why do most kids hate math so much and find it difficult?

I always thought that it was just me with numbers; a terrible combination that would never become a harmonic relationship. But then I started noticing the kids around me.

Even those that grew to love math eventually, were good at it after a while, had some difficulties initially; some more, some less. But it goes without saying, that math is a touchy subject for most kids. Why is that so?