Dec 31, 2017

When those who are meant to protect, abuse


We live for a limited time in life; most people tend to forget that. We are also brought up with the belief that the world is the way it is and that we need to accept and live with it. I haven't yet figured out why people accept that belief and then go on to marvel innovators, worship the rebels and the leaders of change. I have never managed to fit in with that model. I didn't want my child to believe it either.

Unschooling in most countries is a natural process or an available option. In Greece, it's a crazy option, one that people just don't make because its illegal. Yet, when a "democratic, free" country offers NO other options but the only, compulsory, ill-functioning, politically and religiously run public school system, then civil disobedience becomes the only sane option.

I had to walk my talk. Or I wasn't teaching my child what I was preaching. 

It's always easier to attack someone just because you have the power to do so, rather than listen, observe, reach a just solution for ALL and not just prosecute in absentia! It's not new, it's been the easiest path for eons. Nothing matters in such case, nothing that you say or do has any impact or is even noticed. More so, in religious, conservative countries where "democracy", "human rights", are mostly just theories taught in schools.

But I have been unschooling myself for decades....

I cannot subject my child to something that I know - and is generally admitted - that it's not working, it's not providing for my child, is unjust and also limiting her potential.
I cannot live in fear or submit to not being myself.
I cannot accept a fixed world, when we can be changing it, learning from what we have already done, reaching for the seeming impossible.

After six months of expensive, useless court cases (for the verdict had already been decided, in absentia), I know that justice doesn't come from power, fear and conformity but from conscious humans beings who can see past their own ego.
After six months of not being allowed to even visit her home or be with me, the absence of my child is more than a mother's heart should bare. 
After six months of total indifference by the state, the social services, everyone involved in this silenced, moral and civil injustice, I have no more time to keep quiet and allow the violations to continue, unnoticed.

A slowly dehumanizing and purposeful soul rape... A sign of a declining civilization!

People often think that strong people don't hurt. Because they see them doing things, getting up in the morning, living. But they do! Yet, they don't wear their pain on their sleeve, they don't use it to gain something, they don't seek pity. We allow ourselves to break and then we pick up all the pieces all over again and become stronger in who we are and in being humane.

Whatever they do, I am still a mother; the only one my child will ever have! I have a duty to remain faithful to her and to myself, attempting to make this world a better place, not just something I have to accept and live with. 

We need to unschool ourselves and re-think most of what we have been taught at school. We need to take a look at what's going on around us and decide to stop living in fear. There's much more at stake than ourselves and our comfortable little lives. 

Raising an unschooled child for 10 years before she was taken away, showed me so many valuable new things I hadn't quite realized before, taught me so much and revealed more than I could have imagined, to acknowledge that I owe it to her and also, for the sake of our children's normal (not abused) childhood and to the future, to persevere.

There are too many broken adults out there, too much violence, far too much abuse of power and injustice, to accept the world as it is!

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