Aug 30, 2017

In Absentia; legally!

To remove child custody in Absentia; without a fair trial, in absence.

Whatever the reason/crime, in absence cannot be justified. Or we have to accept the Dark Ages and the witch hunt as a modern day reality.

When human rights remain on paper, when the human being is absent, there cannot be a righteous case.

Convicted in absence!Yes, it CAN be done. It has been done!

A nine-year- old child is totally ignored but snatched "legally". 
A nine-year-old child has not been to her home for three months. Legally!
Substantive communication with her mother, her relatives, friends, her world has been prevented. Legally!
All charges, complaints, actions against on-going neglect, psychological abuse of the child have been neglected or bypassed. Legally!
Expenses of defense in made-up subsequent cases piling up, although the initial unjust case remains totally ignored. 

A case presented, judged and condemned, one summer's day in 2016, in absence of the accused!

Very often in humanity's history "legal" has not always meant "right". And when "legal" is placed above "right", there is decline of values, of civilization. There is violence, injustice, lies. secrecy, individual and social manipulation. Fear is the tool used to prevent any righteous response. 

Before the initial injustice is undone, there cannot be any subsequent discussions on the context of the accusations. Or we will have given up our human rights; the very basis of our existence as citizens in a democratic society and conspired/consented to our enslavement.. 

Is the "judicial" system operating in Dark Ages?
My very humanity seeks responsible answers!

What can be right and just when it is created in darkness and in secrecy, in "confidential" documents, in non-existent evidence?

All, in a country that birthed democracy... yes, we are free to look away. Or wait for our own turn!

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