Apr 19, 2017

Greek Stubbornness and exceptional children

Why aren’t free schools formed in Greece like the rest of the world?
Stubborn, conservative and as primitive-like as Greek people seem, they are not easily persuaded, lured into copied practices, habits, novices.

Deep inside their hearts, beneath their cultural and religious programming, they somehow realize that freedom is much more than a few “human rights”, a few laws past, a few changes in customs and habits.
They are seeking their deep ties with life, their past, for a grander individual and collective purpose. They are not easily tempted or as lost as they seem, on a spiritual level.

Our whole history is within us. The whole past makes sense; the deprivation, the humiliation, suppression, ignorance, everything. The collective history doesn’t differ from the individual history.

The words must be recognized individually on a different level: the images, emotions, connections, time travels, the soul’s journeys..

On the other end...

Exceptional children can’t be suppressed, manipulated. They seem stubborn but they have endless patience, waiting for us to develop, to understand.

Every child birthed can be an exceptional child. It depends entirely on the mother and the work that she is prepared to do before, during and after the birth.

Instinctively, women know that once they become mothers, they will always remain mothers. Fear and programming makes them deny this task/role or repeat past patterns, to prove to themselves that they have "fulfilled their role".

To observe and nurture a child is the most difficult of tasks.
To lower our adult self to its glorious, non-rational, non-linear level of perception takes courage and will. 
To teach it the ways of the world while learning the ways of the universe from your child is an on-going challenge, as many contradictions and misunderstandings must arise. 
To not steal your child’s own energy but expand and grow your own, WITH instead of at the expense of your child, is the highest form of service that a woman, a parent can undertake.

The exceptional children have a unique way of mirroring our darker sides. Stubborn-like and seemingly non-disciplined, they will easily and effortlessly show us all that we can’t or won’t see for our self. And they keep at it. Until we see! No matter what we try or do to suppress them, to “subsume in society/the world”. 

But, having them, makes it nearly impossible to continue  turning a blind eye... The younger generations show us all that we have not been wanting to see in ourself and the world we are creating. 

Continuing to suppress them in institutions we call "schools" instead of creating learning and living environments which will include all of us, not separating into age groups, orders, lifeless curriculums or discriminating, rigid thinking is all still exposing our own fears and challenges ahead. 

But it won't happen externally. It must happen internally first...in our homes, in our relationships, within our own minds...the hardest grounds to harmonize and balance!

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