May 25, 2016

Hacking "normal"

I am "one of the lucky ones"?

NO! I have chosen to sacrifice false security for the love of learning, researching, teaching, waking up at my own biological clock, traveling, seeing the sunset, meeting new people, remaining passionate and in love with life, turning all "obligations" to desires/choices, waking up to a new life each day, breaking all habits when and because I want to, not compromising with "normal", meeting the unknown with child-like enthusiasm.

I don't have to fit in nor do the people I love have to, to please me. I don't follow protocols and I enjoy breaking all rules to meet my Principles, which are not "mine" but natural, life-enhancing Law.

In my mature years, I have chosen not to write books, as I have seen that knowledge now has to be fresh, shared and discussed among those who are aligned with it, giving it their own expression, continuity, as we exit possessiveness and ego-gratification.

My vision and daily inspirations keep me vibrant and devoted to continuing my work, which is not apart from play. Everything I encounter is a challenge to break old belief systems and serve life with freshness and truth.

Hacking the codes of the matrix, can hardy be considered "work" by normal people. Those who don't accept doubting their knowledge - whoever they are - don't interest me and can't belong to my circle of life.

My greatest mentors are my children, my students, every courageous individual who has dared to follow his/her passion, inspiration, no matter what. We all inspire each other!

Each moment that I can See Life for what it really is, transcending pain and pleasure, duality and illusion is a New moment, a re-birthing that generates life in me.

"Forgiveness" is not in my vocabulary, for I have quit accusing a long time ago. Old paradigms don't serve except those who want to remain martyrs, in a world that belongs to another timeline.

The "normal" society, a result of the past, is changing much faster than its supporters think it is. Those of us who can See are building a different future for our children, even if we are not around to enjoy it. But, who knows...

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