Aug 18, 2016

Naming it "dyslexia"...

Don't have a usual pattern of thought...
My mind has never been totally linear, although I understand the concept...I was born and raised in a linear society/educational system/world.

They call it "dyslexia", although they still don't understand what it means. It's perfectly a natural consequence, when you examine something from within another reality and not really detached from it. That "other" reality will alter/modify what you're looking at, what you want to examine. 

Naming it as "dyslexia", will turn the mind, necessarily, to a specific direction... And that's how limitation sets in, without realizing it, without being able to do anything about it. Logic, linear intelligence, memory, have no power in altering reality, in presenting new information. Or if/when it does, it's an extremely slow process.

Does "right -brained" present a better concept /understanding? No, as formed information/concepts again build a set reality (setting) that doesn't allow many maneuvers. Also, we once again limit ourselves within the boundaries of brain, atoms, linear connections, previous knowledge, looking for creation and causes where they cannot be found.

When a dyslexic can't answer you, does it mean that she doesn't know or that you have to change the question? 

When a dyslexic "can't learn", does it mean that she is unable to or that you need to redefine learning altogether? 

When a dyslexic can't describe a concept, does it mean that she has difficulty with words, description, intelligence or that the whole concept that she has/sees is too wide, too huge, too rich and complex for words, for linear placement, for time delay?

The linear mind has the power of persistence. Attachment is what keep the atoms, the organs, the planets, the attention together. What we hold our attention on persists, remains, continues, preserves. As simple and necessary as that!

The ability to detach is the ability to create, to move into the unknown, to see beyond dreams. Just as important, not more than! Can't have the one end of polarity without having the other. 

The answers lie in balance, in mutual cultivation/acceptance, not choice of one against the other. But knowing is always/only through self-experience!

Ultimately, we can't know anything, unless we are willing to exist within it. A challenge the linear mind will "fight hard" to prevent!

Xristiana Sophia

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