Oct 30, 2015

Threats losing power...

Finding the  time to write these days/weeks seems totally beyond me, as so many new realities have opened up and I find myself trying to balance within them all.

After the irresponsible (in my opinion) reaction from the prosecutor's office, trying to frighten me, threaten me with removing custody of my daughter "unless I enroll her in a school", without any legal documents or trial, we are still on unknown ground, waiting for the next move.

The petition and also the collective opposition of the Greek society (and not only) managed to freeze the threats and the implementation  of the police order. It initially must have seemed easier to threaten than to open a dialogue with someone, respecting their Human dignity and own judgement. It's now evident that the long-awaited rejection of the Greek compulsory schooling system is finally surfacing. More of us are speaking up, more of us are saying "no, there is another way".

And yet, even more was done backstage; where the actions cannot be documented and the damages cannot be counted. My facebook profile page was extinguished...not "fell" but completely disappeared from facebook's database; 7 years of posting, sharing, working and serving our awakening. Along with that, more chaos was created with every site, blog and application that was linked to that account. Friend's were lost, pages remained nonadministrative, appeals were not accepted....a good job done!

I know I'm not the only one, I have a clear view of the world, from various perspectives. But the irony of "caring for my child's well-being" which is "jeopardized in my care", remains a hot potato that only I can hold and sometimes get burned with.

Why are we changing houses so often? Why are we being offered hospitality? Why can't I remain as I am, learning as I please? Why do they want to take me away from you? Why doesn't the prosecutor ask me? Why can't I have my toys with me and all my books? Why do I have to go to school? Why don't more parents take their children out of school? Why? Why? Why?

And yet, the most amazing stories, the most amazing outlook on life, is her own! No matter what anyone else thinks, she wakes up happy and enthusiastic, singing and playing while learning, in whatever she decides to do. The stories she tells of her "coming here", the other worlds she has in her Mind, leave me in awe of her maturity and her fearless nature. She talks to trees and animals, totally connected to her true nature, not submitted to linear time and remaining non-programmed socially.

Many mistake "being socialized" with "fitting in"; doing what everyone else is doing, being a copy of the kids her age. But she is unique and I truly wish she remains that way! Her friends are chosen through the heart and she feels "lucky to have so many"; people of all ages, belief systems and appearance. Protective of small animals and children, she will leave her playing to stand beside someone she feels needs her presence.

She will stop people on our walks to talk to their dog and start a conversation with them, becoming disappointed when all they have to say is, "what is your name?" and "do you go to school/what grade?", thinking that these people really don't really want to meet her. But, she quickly moves on...and so do I!

Together we are changing our surroundings, helping to co-create the new, with others who are connecting with us, making us feel loved, welcomed and blessed to have so many friends!

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